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Smoothie Concentrate, Fresh Fruit or Frozen Fruit? - They’re All Good!

Smoothie Concentrate, Fresh Fruit or Frozen Fruit? - They’re All Good!

A Smoothie concentrate is an excellent way to enjoy fruits and vegetables in a convenient, affordable, and versatile package. Smoothie concentrates happen to be a great alternative for fresh fruit and vegetables. However, some of the most flavorful and colorful smoothie concentrates out there are not always the healthiest choice for you.  A lot of them contain too much sugar and different types of artificial food coloring and preservatives. The annual consumption of smoothies per person has rapidly grown in the past five years as part of a global and ever expending trend of health-conscious consumers who seek healthier snacks. Whether they are made from fresh fruits, frozen fruits or smoothie concentrates - smoothies are on the rise.



The Right Mix


There are a few products on the market right now for those looking to make smoothies in the comfort of their own homes. Most of those products are expensive and contain ingredients that smoothie drinkers usually tend to avoid. GMOs, sugar, additives that are difficult to pronounce and harder to understand run rampant in most smoothie concentrates out there. The right smoothie concentrate is one that is all-natural contains only fruit and as little of other ingredients as possible.


Health Benefits Vs. Cost


One of the things that people are looking for in a smoothie is the health benefits and nutritional value. Heading down to your local juice stand is probably the best way to get the freshest smoothies possible, but they tend to be a little more expensive than most would like for frequent consumption. The most respected producer of smoothie concentrates understands this dilemma and has gone through great lengths to ensure that their smoothie mixes are made with the health conscious in mind. Get the health benefits of smoothies far more cost effectively by keeping a few bottles of the best all-natural smoothie mix available in your fridge. Smoothie concentrates brands like Smartfruit are a great choice and contain no less than three servings of fruit per smoothie. They’re also nutrient dense, packed with vitamins C, B, A, and K, as well as being excellent sources of fiber, potassium, and manganese.



Don’t Stop at Smoothies!


The best part of having an excellent smoothie concentrate on hand is the sheer volume of options that it opens for the more adventurous foodies. Smoothie concentrates don’t have to be used just for smoothies. The most delicious smoothie mixes can also be used to make great tasting juice just by adding water, as a versatile dessert topping and garnish, or to make mixed drinks. Let your inner chef out and experiment a little! The best smoothie concentrates are made with only all-natural ingredients and can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to add a flavor kick to their meals.

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